id law partners conducts classes in the Masters in Intellectual Property of the Barcelona Bar Association


On 30 November 2010, in the Master of Intellectual Property organized by the Barcelona Bar Association, ​​Manuel Martínez Ribas will teach about the legal protection of software, including group discussion and the review of model clauses for software contracts.

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Video of Malcolm Bain in Barcelona Activa - Cloud Computing Day @ Cibernàrium


Cloud computing and its application and services for businesses were the hightlight of Barcelona Cibernarium's Technology Dissemination Day on 18 November,  with Pau-Garcia-Mila (eyeOS), Josep Mitjà (Openbravo and Wuaki), Malcolm Bain and Richard Galli (UIB) presenting the possibilities for savings and efficiency that are offered by this technology. Legal discusions focussed on security and privacy issues.

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Video of Malcolm Bain in the Free Software and Local Government Conference


Lecture on "The interoperability framework" by Malcolm Bain, in the context of the Second Conference on Free Software and Local Government, in Sant Adria de Besos (Barcelona).

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Manuel Martínez Ribas moderates the opening panel in the UIC Cybercrime Conference


Manuel Martínez Ribas coordinated and moderated the first panel discussion of the Cybercrime Conference held at the International University of Catalunya (UIC), with Antonio Troncoso (director of the Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid), Reinhard Steenot (professor of law at the University of Ghent) and Jordi Bacaría (President of the Information Technology Section of ICAB). The board discussed the topic "Privacy, data protection and new technologies in the context of cybercrime."

This was one of the closing events of the LSPI-ITLC-IPLC International Conference, coordinated locally between the 2 to 5 of November 2010 in Barcelona by Manuel Martínez Ribas and Professor José R. Agustina for Professor Sylvia Kierkegaard, with the sponsorship of the Open University of Catalunya (UOC), in parallel with the Workshop on Cybercrime, Computer Crime Prevention and Surveillance Society at UIC under the organization of Professor José R. Agustina.

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"The Significance and Protection of Identity in the Online World" - Seminar organized by Manuel Martínez Ribas for publishers ELSEVIER, at the Roca Junyent Auditorium in Barcelona


To mark the 150th anniversary of ELSEVIER, the publishres, and the 25th anniversary of its Computer Law and Security Review journal, Manuel Martínez Ribas organized for Professor Steve Saxby, the Editor of the magazine, the panel discussion over the "significance and the protection of identity in the virtual environment" in the auditorium of the Roca Junyent law offices. More on the panel in which Manuel Martínez Ribas started a controversial debate can be read here.

Panel members who contributed to the content of the article "The Significance and Protection of Identity in the Online World" published in ELSEVIER’s Computer Law and Security Review journal (Volume 27, dated 1 February 2011), are - in the order as published in the magazine - Richard de Mulder, Manuel Martinez Ribas, Pernille Wegener Jessen, Kevin Aquilina, Greg Mosier, Nancy King and Fred Insa.

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Photographs of the event may be found HERE

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