Manuel Martínez Ribas moderates the opening panel in the UIC Cybercrime Conference


Manuel Martínez Ribas coordinated and moderated the first panel discussion of the Cybercrime Conference held at the International University of Catalunya (UIC), with Antonio Troncoso (director of the Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid), Reinhard Steenot (professor of law at the University of Ghent) and Jordi Bacaría (President of the Information Technology Section of ICAB). The board discussed the topic "Privacy, data protection and new technologies in the context of cybercrime."

This was one of the closing events of the LSPI-ITLC-IPLC International Conference, coordinated locally between the 2 to 5 of November 2010 in Barcelona by Manuel Martínez Ribas and Professor José R. Agustina for Professor Sylvia Kierkegaard, with the sponsorship of the Open University of Catalunya (UOC), in parallel with the Workshop on Cybercrime, Computer Crime Prevention and Surveillance Society at UIC under the organization of Professor José R. Agustina.

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