EOLE: European Open Source and Free Software Law Event - in Barcelona, 04/11/2011


The fourth edition of the conference “European Open Source and Free Software Law Event” (EOLE)” will take place in Barcelona on 4th November 2011. Id law partners is the local co-organizer of the event.

This is the first time that we have in Spain a conference on "Free and Open Source Software", or FOSS, with this national/international importance and impact. Previous conferences were held in Paris (2008), Brussels (2009) and Turin (2010).

The focus this year is on "Free Software in the Enterprise and academia." This topic raises several complex issues related to the use and development of free software in the company and the university - licenses, warranties, technology transfer, open standards - to be addressed through the intervention of lawyers and engineers across Europe and the U.S.A.

Malcolm Bain will present a paper on the legal aspects of free software in R&D projects, focusing on the issue of intellectual property management, compliance with the obligations set forth in the grants/aid as well as the impact of recent laws on Sustainable Economy and Science and Innovation.

The conference, in which the programme is available here [2], is aimed at lawyers, academics, heads of R&D, companies and individuals interested in the issue of free software. Participation in the conference is free upon registration on this page [3].

We believe it is an excellent opportunity not only to catch up on the subject of the legal aspects of free software, a highly topical issue, but also to learn about the "best practices" in the legal management of ICT projects as well as to meet European level experts in the field as well as to network in this small community of lawyers specializing in ICT law. For those already working in this area, it is an excellent opportunity to share and exchange opinions and practices and to initiate new collaborations (national and international).

See you there!

[1] http://www.eolevent.eu

[2] http://eolevent.eu/es/programme-EOLE2011

[3] http://www.eolevent.eu/es/Registration-EOLE-2011

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