About us

id law partners specialises in advising on the legal issues raised by the technologies that build the information society.

Our extensive knowledge and interest in new technologies and an understanding of the value and importance of new ideas, new products and new business models for our customers, makes us stand out from the crowd through our advice on the new forms of exploitation of intangibles, such as free software and content projects, as well as on electronic evidence and computer forensics.

Our goal is to provide solutions to any project that faces challenges and legal uncertainties arising from the laws applicable to new information technologies, offering immediacy, proximity and value-for-money to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

We provide proactive advice on the legal protection of our clients’ intangible assets (software, websites, databases, literary and artistic works) as well as on contractual and administrative issues in the digital environment (data protection, electronic billing, document conservation), and defending their interests in arbitral or judicial proceedings.

Our clients are diverse: large corporations, universities, public administration, start-ups, small businesses and agents traditionally associated with intellectual property (publishers, record labels, designers).

To maintain the quality and timeliness of our advice, we are also dedicated to teaching and research on the legal aspects of information society, focusing on free software and content as well as computer forensics. We also participate in several pro bono projects as the Free Software Chair at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia or Free Technology Academy (UOC).

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